The Black Violin

The Black Violin project began as an extension of my graphic design work involving traditional violin models and the process of abstraction and simplification. My training as a traditional violin maker has given me an intimate familiarity with all aspects of classical violin forms to draw on as design material. The parameters of this particular project were set to create a violin with a traditional sound and feel, but with a bold modern visual presence. 

Working from a schematic of the interior of a traditional Guarneri Del Gesu violin, I began to redesign all aspects of the violin that had no primary acoustical function. These areas included the corner profiles, the scroll, the accessories, and the color of the varnish. The traditional specifications were meticulously adhered to with regard to the critical acoustical components such as arching, graduation of the plates, and internal air cavity. 

The rewarding conclusion of this project was that, while I was pleased with the design of this new violin, the sound and playability proved to be indistinguishable from that of an excellent traditional violin.